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When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?
Let’s get straight to business: We have it on good authority that Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place on July 12 to July 13. So mark your calendars! Synchronize your watches! Alert the town crier! This event is sure to be a doozy, and if you want in on the limited-time deals it’s best to make moves expeditiously.

Amazon's annual 48-hour shopping holiday offers a smorgasbord of deals which is like heaven for bargain shoppers.
Prime Day 2022 falls during back-to-school season so expect more please!

Prime Day Supper Sale

I really like prime days because I use Amazon a lot to shop, and there will be two prime days in 2022 which is fantastic, my son wants a mini computer, my wife likes beauty, and I want an outlet to organize my cluttered wires.
You can see there's everything here!