Great for kids

For the family/kids, it is a great mini pc, the ports are great, 2 USB 3, 2 USB, micro sd card slot, audio and 2 HDMI ports. On the inside it is mediocre, but it has bluetooth, and the instructions that were emailed to me with the purchase has an easy way to upgrade the hard drive, I replaced it with a 128 GB SSD drive and now it uses the 128 GB as primary and the 64 GB as secondary. The kids had laptops from black Friday, and they prefer this over the laptop due to speed. This works great for the kids games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Animal Jam, I have a portable monitor and with this mini pc, it makes it really easy to move around, not as easy as a laptop, but works great. This won't work for the heavy graphic games, but for the basic internet word processing, streaming device, it works great. Super easy to connect to the TV also and use it as a media player.